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Richard Branson launches plane-shaped skyscraper and moon hotel – Dezeen

Richard Branson launches plane-shaped skyscraper and moon hotel

Describing the plane-shaped London tower, he explained: “This building is going to be the best looking building in the city but it also has the best unique features.”

“One of the very unique features about this building is that it can turn or the floor can turn in order to face the sun, to either generate energy from the sun or to heat a particular floor or heat the whole building.”

Not content with launching the project in every continent, Branson also wants to take the technology to the moon and open a space hotel.

“We’re looking at being the first company in the world to have a building on the moon, and we thought, if we’re going to do it lets try and pay for it by making it a hotel, and of course a pretty good-looking hotel,” he said.


Asked about the timing of the announcement a Virgin representative told Dezeen “there are no coincidences at Virgin”.