Countdown – Pulp

I was seventeen when I heard the countdown start

It started slowly, I thought it was my heart

But then I realised this time it was for real

There was no place to hide, I had to go out and feel

But there was time to kill, I walked my way round town

I tried to love the world but the world just got me down

So I looked for you in every street of every town

I wanna see your face, I wanna, I wanna see you now


And so it went, so it went for several years

I couldn’t stand it, it must be getting near

Oh no you just don’t know, no you just don’t understand

How many times I’ve seen you in the arms of some other man

I’ve got to meet you and find you and take you by the hand

My God, my God, you’ve gotta understand

That I was seventeen! I didn’t know a thing at all

I’ve got no reason, no reason at all